We host 3 main annual events as well as some additional events during which the members and their staff network with one another as well as industry professionals.

Each of the main annual events is designed around financial planning, market updates, as well as fund analysis and ancillary topics. Our presenters include investment professionals from reputable asset management companies as well as personnel from other industry–related product providers. Every presentation is topical, relevant, and for the benefit of our members who operate in an environment as dynamic as ours. 

Our additional events allow for staff to interact with and gain value and insight from one another, as well as to allow members to interact on a more regular and informal basis. Many of our members will attest to the value gained from interacting as well as sharing ideas, experiences and solutions. Staff benefit greatly from sharing their own experiences and methods of working.

In order to manage and avoid potential conflicts of interest, the network does not accept direct donations or contributions from service providers. The cost of events is covered by the network itself. Presenters cover their own accommodation costs, while the network covers the costs of meals and beverages. In principle, sponsorship of events is not sought from service providers. Incentives are not accepted, unless such sponsorship or assistance is justifiable and does not present a potential conflict of interest.