HS Network (HSN) is a group of independent, like-minded Financial Planners who are committed to the sharing of ideas, experiences and information. We share similar values and appreciate our close and long-standing relationships with each other as well as with our business partners. We place paramount importance on the respect our network has earned over the years. Each member is a business owner in their own right and believes in the benefits of information sharing and collaboration. This benefits not only the network, but also our members’ respective companies and clients. Members are committed to the upliftment of the financial services industry through increased professionalism and client focus. Within this focus, members are also committed to the education and upliftment of staff and industry entrants.

Our Vision

The objectives of HSN are:

To seek to improve each individual’s as well as our collective’s knowledge and skills within the industry

To create an environment in which interaction, depth of thinking and debate is encouraged and enjoyed

To create a forum in which the sharing of ideas work towards the betterment of the network’s members

To provide opportunities for members to interact with industry experts in a variety of arenas

Giving Back

At each of our Main Annual Events, a collection is taken and one member is nominated to select a charity to which to make a donation. In this way the Network is able to give back to various charities and organisations that represent a variety of causes and needs. It is important to the members that we are able to give something back to our communities.