We recently read an email from Carl Richard’s of the Behavior Gap that we thought was worth sharing

I imagine you’re scared. I am too.

So many of you have asked for help navigating this uncertainty that I’m interrupting the normal Weekly Letter to share the four steps I’m using.

Step 1: Do nothing.

No solutions in this step. Just sit there and feel. Let yourself feel all the feels. Notice them. Name them. Write or talk about them.

One of my favorite questions to use for this is: If what you are feeling was a color, what color would it be?

Step 2: Find something you can control.

It might just be your breath for now, but whatever it is, return to it over and over, and your sense of control will grow. Small actions over time have a massive impact.

Step 3: Do Something.

Take some micro-action based on what you find in step 2. I have found myself going on walks, organizing digital files, cleaning up photos, and proactively reaching out to friends and family. All of these feel SO much better than endlessly scrolling through Twitter.

Step 4: Repeat. Over and over.

One moment at a time, my friends. Remember, things change. We will get through this.

Take care.


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