By Tamika Gandar of  Blue Key Financial Planning

For the first time in history the whole world is fighting the same demon. The majority of the world is locked down, confined to the walls of their homes, surrounded by uncertainty and negativity. However, there have been amazing people who have done great things. Have you been one of them? What have you done?

It is so easy to get caught up in the negativity but really what good is this doing for you? I challenge you to make a change. You are ultimately the only person that can change yourself.  What investments have made in yourself?

I challenge you to ask yourself this question aloud and spend time answering it. Once you have given it enough thought write down 5 simple and easy “good habits” you would like to focus on to start the process of change.

I am going to share what have I done to focus on change in my life. These are 5 simple things that have made the world of a difference to my life during this uncertain time.

  • I have made a concerted effort to find good news during this time. Do I want to have an exaggerated negative view of the world? No. Generally bad news sells, good new doesn’t.
  • I have committed to reading books that will assist me in driving positive change in my life. Atomic Habits by James Clear, The Bearfoot Coach by Paddy Upton and Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. I read one chapter a night, that is all. These have challenged me to make the change.
  • I meditate for 5 mins every morning and set my goals for the day. This helps me focus on what is important.
  • I spend the time I would have spent driving to work having tea with my family.
  • I completed my monthly budget. It opened my eyes to all the unnecessary expenses and highlighted the areas of importance (saving).

You may think these 5 simple steps I have taken are basic, and yes, they are. However, these are well within reach. The time spent on these 5 things have been positive investments in myself and assisted me in the process of becoming a better version.

I challenge you to set 5 easy and reachable tasks. Make these a habit and you will slowly see how these good habits build onto further good habits, helping you reach your full potential.

Stay positive, stay safe and invest in yourself.